Monday, July 15, 2013

Words of wisdom....

I follow Humans of New York on Facebook. I used to live in NYC, and I love this guy's perspective, which he shows through his posts and photos. He usually asks his subjects something along the lines of what advice they'd give, or what was their best moment, or their saddest, etc.

This morning, I saw his most recent photo, and here is what his subject said, and which he relayed with the post: 

“When I was younger, I thought listening was just about learning the contents of someone’s mind. I’d always try to finish their thoughts, just to show them that I knew what they were thinking. As I got older, I learned to listen better. I realized that by trying to anticipate their mind, I was ignoring their heart.”

That, right there, touched me. It's wise and it is compassionate. I could stand to learn to listen more like this.

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