Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Distractions...sort of. Well, more important than that, really.

Something I don't think I mentioned when I started this blog: I'm a full-time nursing student. Yeah.

Over the summer, I had just one class, and it was comparatively easy (microbiology -- lots of memorization, but straight-up science -- easier, in a way, than the constant critical thinking of nursing courses). So, while I did have homework and tests, I still had time to futz around on this blog, here and there.

I'm still trying to carve time out, at least once every 7-10 days, to blog here. It just may take a few more weeks of adjusting to the pace of this new semester -- which is ramped up considerably even over the spring semester. This program is intense.

So bear with me. I'll be back. I just need to get my bearings and figure out how much non-study time I can have, and how much of that can be spent blogging. I do think it's important for me to have this creative outlet, so believe me -- it's on my radar.

Thanks for your patience.

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